SI Analytics ViscoClock Glass Capillary Viscometer

This product has been discontinued. Please view our newest Viscometer, the SI Analytics ViscoClock Plus

The ViscoClock is an electronic time-measuring unit used to determine absolute and relative viscosity. It consists of a stand which is used to mount a viscometer and the electronic measuring unit. The two measuring levels are integrated in the stand made of high-quality PPA synthetic material, and the electronic measuring unit is included in a PP casing. The large LCD display allows themeasured values to be read off easily.

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Range of use

The ViscoClock is designed for the use of an Ubbelohde viscometer, a MicroUbbelohde viscometer or a Micro-Ostwald viscometer made by SCHOTT Instruments. The ViscoClock automatically measures the fl ow-through time of temperature-stabilized liquids through the capillaries of the viscometer at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 150 °C.

For temperature stabilization in the thermostatic bath, the following tempering liquids are suitable: water, alcohol water (e.g. ethanol, methanol), paraffin oil, and silicone oil. Liquids can be measured that qualify for use with the viscometer being used in each instance.


The most precise method used to determine the viscosity of liquids is their measurement in capillary viscometers; the ViscoClock functions according to this method. The operating time is indicated with a resolution of 1/100 sec. with quartz precision. The accuracy of 0.01 % of the measured time used to calculate the absolute and relative viscosity is indicated as measuring uncertainty with a confi dence level of 95 %.

Absolute viscosity

Only the calibrated viscometers made by SCHOTT Instruments are suitable for the calculation of absolute viscosity in the temperature-stabilized, transparent thermostatic bath.

Relative viscosity

For the measurement and calculation of relative viscosity, all Ubbelohde viscometers, uncalibrated and calibrated,can be used for manual or automatic measurements.

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